Our Story

Who We Are

Manish is the manifestation of two young men, Blake and Von, that embody the importance of masculinity and the lifestyle that comes with it. We are fraternity brothers from inner cities; Blake from the South Side of Chicago and Von, from South Florida. We both quickly realized the integral role prominent male figures played in our lives.

Social Mission

Holding these values near to our hearts, we pledge 10% of our profits from every single product sold to philanthropic efforts aiding in the growth and development of young men such as the Guide Right program. As we continue to grow as a company, we will seek out even more similar organizations to spread our mission, forever striving to impact more lives.Your purchase goes much further than the stylish, quality products we offer. 

Core Values

Leather – with its natural charm, it often displays traces of its life’s past such as brand marks, wrinkles, veins and healed scars. Like a man, it stands respected and emanates wisdom.

Wood – wood is always alive in the sense that from the trunk to its final destination, it never loses its identity. Wood, like a genuine man, stays true to itself.

Steel – steel, like a well balanced Man, is built to endure, yet remains smooth and attractive. Stainless steel is the product of many of earth’s basic elements, melted & molded into modern works of art.

We combine these three core elements in unique presentations that exhibit the truthfulness of the masculine essence.

   -Blake & Von, Shop Manish Co-Founders